The Empty Tomb

I borrowed this article from my friend Eric Mickley’s FB page.  It’s quite fitting since we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection tomorrow.  I like this article because it helps define what “faith” really means.  I was once accused by a friend of h…aving a “blind faith.” But as the article discusses and I explained to my friend, a true faith is a reasoned faith.  We don’t—or at least shouldn’t—blindly follow anyone or anything.  We should be as the Bereans and examine “the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so (ESV).”  I’ve experienced true miracles (my son’s healing), and I’ve investigated many points of evidence, like that of the empty tomb and the disciples who willingly went to their deaths proclaiming they had seen the risen Christ. No one would do that for a lie.  There are a multitude of other confirmations that Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of Mankind, but the empty tomb is one of the most powerful.  I pray that God blesses each of you during this Easter/Passover season.  Enjoy the link.